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Optram analysis and Forecasting White paper


Seldom do railways have the resources to maintain their infrastructure at a level that ensures steady-state performance. Rather, they are faced with prioritizing maintenance actions to optimize safety and reliability under the burden of constrained resources. Given this reality, railways are finding the solution to working more efficiently lies in using information technology. By harnessing the vast amount of existing rail corridor data in a prioritized plan, and then assigning the work and monitoring the execution and results with software tools, many railways are doing more with less resources. This strategy, Linear Asset Decision Support, not only results in steady-state asset performance under constrained resources, but also can even improve the asset condition and provide a positive return on investment.

This paper details the options for analysis of measurement data within Bentley’s Optram application. It focuses on the analysis and forecasting of data trends that enables engineers to make better-informed decisions about maintenance and renewals. The paper also covers the classes of data and issues related to this data.

Download: Optram analysis and Forecasting White paper

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